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Ichibankan and Nibankan!

Aso Hotel is situated at the heart of Aso Uchinomaki Onsen, about one hour’s drive by car from the city of Kumamoto. It is an excellent location for strolls and access to leisure spots. A short car drive takes you to such tourist attractions as Daikanbo, Kusasenri, and the Yamanami Highway, where you can experience the dynamic nature of Aso.

Ryokan-style Ichibankan

The hotel-style Nibankan has Western-style rooms as well.

Blending the attractions of a hot-spring ryokan (Japanese-style guesthouse) and modern hotel The Ichibankan offers a ryokan style of accommodation with a basic plan of one night/two meals. The popular outdoor hot-spring baths provide a panoramic view of Aso. The Nibankan offers a hotel style with a basic plan of just overnight stay or overnight stay with breakfast; it has both Japanese-style and Western-style guestrooms. Guests can choose which annex they want to stay in to suit their traveling style.


Soak in hot-spring water drawn directly from the source The special characteristic of the Aso Hotel onsen is that it uses genuine hot-spring water drawn directly from the source, with no other water added, no heating, and no circulation. The outdoor baths atop the Ichibankan offer views of the five peaks of Mount Aso in the daytime and the starry sky at night. Unusual in Kumamoto Prefecture, the Nibankan’s hot-spring water is certified as drinkable. A drink of fresh hot-spring water is said to be good for your health, so by all means try it!


Savor the delights of Kumamoto and Aso The multiple-course meals using seasonal ingredients are popular. Each carefully prepared dish, from the colorful hors d’oeuvre and seasonal sashimi to the main course and dessert, is served with warm hospitality. Why not enjoy a taste of local sake together with your meal? Other recommendations include Aso’s special Akaushi beef steak and basashi (raw horsemeat), a specialty of Kumamoto.

Hotel Facilities


Lobby The lobby has a relaxing atmosphere to soothe guests’ tiredness after a long journey. The reception desk and souvenir shop are located here.

RestaurantThe restaurant also has a relaxing atmosphere. This is where breakfast and evening meals are served. It also offers a wide range of local sake.

ShopThe shop sells a wide range of goods, including specialties of Aso and merchandise featuring Kumamon, the official mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture.


Lobby In the lobby there are a reception desk, lounge, and souvenir shop. The entrance to Nibankan has a place for drinking hot-spring water and a footbath.

RestaurantThe Nibankan has a casual restaurant for savoring the delights of Aso. The restaurant can also arrange some partitioned private space.

ShopThe shop sells Aso specialties that make perfect souvenirs and goods featuring Kumamon, much beloved by children.


Aso Hotel Ichibankan and Nibankan, Aso Uchinomaki Onsen 99 Uchinomaki, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-2301
Tel.: 0967-32-0008
Check-in: 15:00
Check-out: Ichibankan 10:00, Nibankan 09:00
*Check-in and check-out times may differ depending on the accommodation plan.
No. of rooms: 99
Carpark: 40 cars (free of charge)

Arrival by car

From Fukuoka
From Saga
From Nagasaki
From Oita
From Miyazaki
From Kagoshima

Arrival by bus or train

From Fukuoka
From Saga
From Nagasaki
From Oita
From Miyazaki
From Kagoshima

*For the latest information on the operation of trains and buses, see the websites of each transportation company.
ASO Express Yamabiko express bus JR Kyushu B&S Miyazaki highway bus
*For access by bus from JR Aso Station to Aso Hotel, please see here. (Sanko Bus timetable)

Arrival by air

Nagoya(Chubu International)
Hong Kong

*For the latest flight information, please check the website of Aso Kumamoto Airport. (Aso Kumamoto Airport flight information)
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