Aso Hotel




What time is check-in?
Check-in time is 15:00-18:00. The check-in time differs depending on the plan, so please check the plan details.
What time is check-out?
Check-out time is 10:00. The check-out time differs depending on the plan, so please check the plan details.
Is it possible to have early check-in and late check-out?
Is it possible to leave luggage at the hotel before check-in and after check-out?
Can guests smoke in the hotel and guestrooms?
Smoking is only permitted in the 1F smoking rooms. In the Ichibankan, it is at the back of the lobby. In the Nibankan, it is inside the lobby.
Is it possible for pets to stay as well?
No, pets are not allowed.
I forgot something. Can you forward it to me?
Please make an inquiry by phone. If your inquiry matches a lost-and-found article, we will forward it, payment on delivery.
We handle lost-and-found articles as follows:
*If you have forgotten something, please inquire by phone. Whatever the content, the hotel will not contact guests regarding such matters.
*In the case of valuables, we hand over articles to the nearest police station after seven days, including the day on which the article is found. In accordance with Japan’s Lost Property Act, lost property is then disposed of after three months.
Regarding other items, we dispose of perishable food, drinks, and magazines on the same day; underwear, socks, etc. on the following day; and souvenirs, such as food products, at our discretion.
What is included in the price?
The price includes accommodation fee, consumption tax, and service charge. A separate bathing tax is also required (¥150 per person, children under 12 years of age exempted).
Are credit cards accepted for payment?
Yes. The hotel accepts Visa, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, UC Card, and DC Card.
Can guests stay for more than one night? If so, what happens with the meals?
Yes. The meal on the second evening will be different from the first evening.
Is any cancellation fee charged?
Yes. Cancellation fees are as follows:
*No-show with no notification: 100% of accommodation charge
*Same-day cancellation: 70% of accommodation charge
*Previous day: 50% of accommodation charge
*2-3 days before: 30% of accommodation charge
*4-7 days before: 20% of accommodation charge
*Cancellation policy may differ depending on the accommodation plan and date.


What time are meals?
Evening meal is from 18:00; breakfast is from 07:00.
Is there any lunch?
No, lunch is not served.
Is it possible to order allergy-free meals?
If notification is received beforehand (at least three days before your stay), we will do our best to cater to special requests. Given the restrictions of hotel work, however, it may not be possible for us to meet all requests. In particular, we may not be able to respond in the case of children. For safety’s sake, if you have a serious condition, please be sure to consult with your doctor.
Is it possible to make special a la carte orders for meals?
Yes. Please see this page here for special a la carte orders.
What kind of menu is there for children?
Depending on the age of the child, the hotel serves children’s courses that are equivalent to adult courses and special dinners for kids. Please see this page here for children’s meals.


At what times can the large baths be used?
In both the Ichibankan and Nibankan, bathing times are as follows:
*AM: 05:30-09:00
*PM: 15:00-23:30
Are the hot-spring baths open for non-staying guests?
Yes, non-staying guests can use the baths from 15:00 to 18:00. If there are many staying guests, however, the hotel may refuse entry to non-staying guests.

Other Services

Is there Internet access in the hotel?
Yes, there is free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel and in every guestroom.
When are the shops open?
The shop opening hours are 15:00-21:30.
Are there any wheelchairs available for use?
Yes, wheelchairs can be borrowed.
Is the hotel step-free?
The hotel has the following step-free environment:
*Wheelchairs can be used.
*There are accessible toilets for wheelchair users.
*The large baths have handrails.
Is there a laundromat in the hotel?
There is no laundromat in the hotel, but the nearest is just five minutes away by car.
Are there drink vending machines in the hotel?
Yes, there are vending machines in the hotel.
Is there a massage service?
Yes, there is a massage service. (Service charge)

Access and Surrounding Information

How can I get to Aso Hotel?
Please see here for access to the hotel.
Does the hotel have parking space?
Yes, there is free-of-charge parking for 40 cars.
Is there a pickup bus at the nearest railway station?
Notify the hotel if you want to use the pickup service. (The nearest railway station is Aso Station on the JR Hohi Main Line.) Please understand that due to conditions at the time, the service may not be available.
Is there a convenience store and drugstore nearby?
There is a convenience store and drugstore about five minutes away by car.
Are there places nearby to have lunch and dinner?
There are izakaya (Japanese pubs) and restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.