Aso Hotel



Umakamon Kaiseki

Popular standard multiple-course meal full of the taste of Kumamoto and Aso

This multiple-course meal offers lots of delights from Kumamoto and Aso, including Aso brand beef, Kumamoto’s specialty horsemeat, and fresh fish. The emphasis throughout is placed on tastiness. *The photo shows one example.

Kiwami Kaiseki

A multiple-course meal stressing quality that can only be tasted here This special multiple-course meal uses prime ingredients rigorously selected by the head chef, including the choicest Aso Akaushi beef and horsemeat sashimi. Limited to two pairs a day. Recommended for people who believe that delicious cuisine is the highlight of travel!

Dynamic Akaushi Steak

A superb meal that you really must try on a visit to Aso We serve steak using only rare high-quality Akaushi beef raised in Aso. The voluminous size is mouthwatering---over 300 g per person! Limited to two pairs a day.

Tasty produce of Aso

Aso brand Akaushi beefRaised on pastureland amid the vast nature of Aso, Akaushi cattle have lots of red meat and little fat, so the popular Aso brand Akaushi beef has the quintessential taste of meat.

Fresh vegetablesVegetables are procured from Aso farms devoted to supplying fresh seasonal produce. Robustly grown vegetables that have drawn plenty of nutrition from the Aso soil are something special! Diners will delight in the pure taste of vegetables.

Kumamoto’s delicious riceThe softly cooked rice grown in Kumamoto Prefecture is so tasty, you won’t be able to resist a second helping! This rice and nori seaweed from the Ariake Sea make a perfect match.


Japanese-style breakfast centering on Kumamoto-grown rice and vegetables Guests can fully enjoy freshly cooked Kumamoto-grown rice and fresh vegetables from Aso.


Ichibankan Restaurant Evening meals and breakfast are served in this restaurant. Banquet space (private room) can also be prepared for groups, depending on the number of people.

Nibankan Restaurant Evening meals and breakfast are served in this restaurant.

Allergy Response

Persons with allergies should note that if notification is received beforehand (at least three days in advance), we will do our best to cater to special requests. Given the restrictions of hotel work, however, it may not be possible for us to meet all requests. In particular, we may not be able to respond in the case of children. For safety’s sake, if you have a serious condition, please be sure to consult with your doctor.

Kids’ cuisine

Guests can choose meals to suit the age and appetite of kids.

Multiple-course meal equivalent to that of adult’s The hotel serves multiple-course meals for kids equivalent to adult meals.

Special kids’ dinner This meal features children’s favorites, including a hamburger using 100% Akaushi beef pate, vegetable salad, deep-fried food, and fruit. *The photo shows one example.

Special orders for kids

Kids’ udon (wheat flour noodles)

Kids’ chicken nuggets

Eating places for families with children

Please use the large eating places, where you can enjoy talking and eating with your kids without worrying about guests nearby. Families with children are given preference in the large eating places at dinner and breakfast times. Please feel at ease and enjoy the holiday with your kids!

Warning regarding children with allergies In the case of children with allergies, the hotel does make efforts to remove ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction, but there is a limit to what we can do. If you have allergy-free items that your child usually eats and drinks, by all means do not hesitate to bring them along.