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Have Fun in Aso!

There are lots of activities in Aso to enable visitors to have fun and enjoy nature, including horse riding, hot-air ballooning, and paragliding. Why not try some extraordinary experiences?


Seeing Aso from above in a hot-air balloon
Aso Nature Land
(2 min. by car from hotel)
This hot-air balloon experience offers you a fantastic view of Aso from a height of about 40 m. By all means take this precious opportunity to see the grand nature of Aso from above!

Hot-air Balloon Experience
*Only available in the early morning in calm weather (around 05:30–07:30)
*Riding time: approx. 5 minutes
*Fee: 550 yen for infants (free for children aged 3 or under, but they must be accompanied by a parent); 1,100 yen for elementary school children; 2,200 yen for junior high school students and above

**Please reserve by 17:00 on the day before.
**If the total number of reservations received on the day before is eight persons or less, the flight will be cancelled.
**If it is raining or the wind speed is 3 m/s or more, the flight will be cancelled.
**Since information might change, please check the official website of Aso Nature Land for the latest information.

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Paragliding Experience
Aso Nature Land
(2 min. by car from hotel)
Okay for beginners too! Paragliding is a sport in which you take off from a small hill and enjoy floating in the sky. As long as they meet the conditions, anyone can join in the program, from the ground-level practice to solo flying at an altitude of 20–30 m. There is also a tandem paragliding course for small children and people who don’t have much time.

Paragliding Experience
*Assembly/reception time
AM: 09:00 (Paragliding experience starts at 09:30.)
PM: 13:30 (Paragliding experience starts at 14:00.)
Half-day course: 6,500 yen/person
Eligibility: (1) Elementary school age and over
(2) You must have a full understanding of Japanese.
(3) Women 40–65 kg; men 40–80 kg
Tandem course with instructor: 4,400 yen (one flight)
Eligibility: (1) 70 kg or less (men and women)
(2) Limited to four persons/day (two in morning, two in afternoon)
**Paragliding is not available during the Golden Week (late April – early May) and Obon (mid-August) holidays.
**Since information might change, please check the official website of Aso Nature Land for the latest information.

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Grassland Horse-Riding Experience
Yumedaichi Green Valley
(15 min. by car from hotel)
The Yumedaichi Green Valley ranch is located at a height of 850 m in the northern outer rim of the caldera, with a panoramic view of Mount Aso and the Kuju Mountains. There are numerous courses available for all kinds of people, including hand-led solo pony riding suitable even for three-year-olds and horse riding out in grasslands with 360° panoramic views and places with mountains and valleys. Come and experience horse riding amid the grand nature of Aso!

Horse-Riding Experience
Facility: Yumedaichi Green Valley
Courses: Various courses are available, from safe hand-led rides for beginners to treks for the more proficient.
Fee: From 1,100 yen
*Rides are cancelled at times of strong wind, rain, or lightning.

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New style of bike rental to experience fantastic scenery!
(2 min. on foot from hotel)
Here you can hire a mountain bike to experience the magnificent nature of Aso. Among many other options, you can use the bike to visit Uchinomaki Onsen, tour the public baths, or cycle to tourist spots. While enjoying the majestic views unique to Aso, you can savor that invigorating feeling of cycling around under your own steam.

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